Basic Manners 101 (6 Lessons = 210.00)

This group training package is designed to manage, reduce, and eliminate mild to moderate canine behaviour challenges  primarily using positive reinforcement training methods. We will help you to create new effective everyday routines, while enhancing your canine communication along the way.

** These classes are meant to be a fun for everyone (dogs included) and are NOT suitable for dogs who may be suffering from fear & anxiety or aggression issues **

Day Training ($210.00/wk)

These sessions are best suited for humans who have busy work schedule or families that are always on the go! First, one of our  trainers will arrange to meet with you to assess, discuss your training goals and schedule appointments (+$70/1hr session). Your trainer will then work 1 on 1 with your dog 3 times per week providing walking, playing, training, enrichment etc. Progress updates via email or text, transfer sessions and a solid training plan will be an important part of this process.


** packages available **

Fearless Fido x SoCS Good Dog Level 1 Online ($80.00)

We have decided to collaborate with the amazing folks from The School of Canine Science so that we can offer a Good Dog Level 1 online course to our clients throughout the pandemic and beyond. SoCS will be providing high quality step by step video tutorials demonstrating the fundamental behaviours that we usually teach in our regular Basic Manners 101 group classes. Fearless Fido will take on the role of virtually (or in person $50/1 hr) coaching you through for the duration of your six week program as needed. It can be a super interactive and FUN experience and we think that you will find the series very helpful!
*This can be a really fun choice for anyone going through quarantine with their canine companion, looking to more easily pass the time together!*
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Personal Canine Coaching (120.00/hr)

These private sessions are primarily suited for dogs who might not be comfortable in a group setting. We can work with large families, multiple roommates, in multi-pet households and dog friendly office space. We will give you great information and also help everyone ease into any changes in the dogs environment as required. After our first meeting, we can discuss the potential training plan and schedule additional sessions or group classes. We want you to be as successful as possible if you choose this option.


** Puppy Private Sessions Also Available (5 months of age and under – $70.00/hr) **

Puppy Club 101 (6 Lessons = $210.00)

These Puppy Training Classes are some of the most important classes that we offer at Fearless Fido. There is a window of time in a puppys life (age 8-16 weeks) that is crucial for accumulating as many positive experiences as possible. Fearless Fido will appropriately introduce your puppy to polite behaviours, multiple noises, textures, surfaces, gentle handling and monitored puppy play, while providing many helpful tips along the way to set everyone up for success right from the start!  

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*Group Class Clients Only* Personal Coaching ($50.00/hr)

These private sessions are for clients who are currently signed up for group classes with Fearless Fido and are looking for a little extra coaching on the side. Feel free to schedule one or more sessions with a knowledgeable member of our training team. These sessions are a great way to enhance your training with us and ensure that everyone in your dogs home environment is on board with your new routine. You may either choose to meet up in person at your home, at a local park/trail for a few adventure walks or even schedule a virtual Q&A session.

You may take advantage of this price point throughout the duration of your 6 week group class package.